How to spell the word ‘curse’ on YouTube

The curse word is one of the most annoying words to pronounce.That’s why it’s so annoying.Here are some ways you can pronounce it: curse, c-r, r-e, ci-d, d-a, t-a: CURSE.curse, ry-a-d: curse.curse.The curse phrase is an example of the type of word that’s hard to pronounce, but easy to spell.In the video above, the curse


How to move mountains on your mobile device

You can now use GIFs in a number of places, including online.And they’re easy to use, too.Here are five things you can do with GIFs: Read more1.Use the “Share” icon to share images with your friends.GIFs are widely used in social media, with users sharing and liking each other’s work.Share an image from the “share”


Love moved first: Urge to Move First

A group of US lawmakers have called for the resignation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt after it emerged he failed to properly disclose that he received millions of dollars in payments from oil and gas companies while he was in office.In a letter sent to Pruitt on Tuesday, US Senators John Barrasso and Mike


How to Compress a GIF file

Axios — The official Axios blog is now home to a new tool called MOV FILE.If you’ve been a fan of MOV FILE, you’ll know that it allows you to compress the content of an image, like a GIF.This is especially useful when you’re uploading to a site like Tumblr, where there’s often a large

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