How to make a bitcoin-powered cashless wallet

The new Bitcoin Cash wallet will let you store and withdraw up to $500,000 in Bitcoin at once, without touching your smartphone.The move is a direct response to the collapse of Bitcoin Cash, which crashed in price on September 9 amid concerns it was susceptible to a hack by Chinese state-sponsored hackers.In response, Bitcoin developers


How to move your body without the need for surgery

The following moves are some of the moves people are using to stay lean and fit without having to resort to surgery:1.Hip thrust: You’ll want to try it before you get surgery.Hip-thrusting hip thrusts are exercises that work the hip flexors to generate more strength and speed of motion, according to the American Journal of

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Why women love this smooth-moving watch

WOMEN LOVE THIS SMOOTH-MOVING WATCH.They love it because it has a curved back and a smooth curve, the way a woman watches a smooth-mouthed guy.This watch is made from plastic, so it feels sturdy.You can also choose from black or gold.But what makes this watch great is that the case is so smooth and so

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How to keep your data safe on Facebook

Moving your Facebook data to another computer or device is a relatively simple process.You can use one of Facebook’s tools to get a temporary “Move” permission, or you can also use the app’s new Safe Share feature, which allows you to save your Facebook photos to a cloud service like Dropbox.But while these tools may


How to watch the Pokemon GO craze

You may be wondering how the Pokemon Go craze is going to end.Well, it’s not going to be easy.In the coming days and weeks, a lot of things will change, and some things are going to stay the same.In this article we’re going to explain some of the major changes you can expect in Pokemon

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