Why we moved to the top of the world

People move from one place to another, but the world is always moving, especially when it comes to the Olympics.And we’re not the only ones moving, either.A few years ago, the world’s population was nearly 8 billion.Today, it’s more than 15 billion.The numbers are changing so quickly that we’re seeing the world at a much


How to find the best Pittsburgh Steelers team

I’ve never been one to watch football as a whole.I prefer watching individual games and picking apart individual players and teams.So that doesn’t bother me when I’m watching the Steelers.The Steelers are a good football team that’s built for winning.The Steelers are among the most consistent teams in the NFL.They win games at a consistent


Teen cheerleader poses for camera with arms outstretched

Teen cheerleaders have posed for a photo with their arms out to the camera. “I’m here to help you make the biggest smile of your life!” a cheerleader, in a photo shared by the Huffington Post, gives her students. According to the Huffington Post the photo has since been shared more than 2 million times. The cheerleaders are part of a team

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