Blockchain: A blockchain-powered land surveyor


The land survey process is one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes of all land surveying, so the technology could be a great tool to automate it.

The first example of such a technology is in the form of an automated land survey.

This can be used to determine if a parcel of land is suitable for a development.

There are various applications for this type of technology, but in the case of land surveys, it is primarily used to establish boundaries, and then determine how many hectares are suitable for development.

However, the first application of the technology has already been made, and it is a great example of what blockchain could potentially be used for.

As explained by the developers behind the Land Survey App, it would allow land owners to use blockchain to track their progress towards a development, which can then be shared with the developers.

This could be particularly beneficial to the local communities.

The application itself requires a blockchain wallet, and also requires a smartphone.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account on a blockchain platform, and create a unique email address for yourself.

From there, you can use the app to send the information to the developers of the development, and receive a link to the land survey report.

From here, you just need to send a small amount of ether, which is worth a few pennies, to the address you created in the app.

This is what the developers in this case had to do to create the blockchain app, and they did it by creating a smart contract with a smart token.

They then sent this token to a smart wallet address, which will then be transferred to the developer’s wallet.

Once the smart token is used, the developers can then view the information in the blockchain, and confirm that the land is indeed suitable for the development.

Blockchain apps could be useful for all types of land surveyors, from landowners who wish to obtain information about their properties, to those who want to make a quick determination about the potential for development in a parcel.

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