How to find the best Pittsburgh Steelers team


I’ve never been one to watch football as a whole.

I prefer watching individual games and picking apart individual players and teams.

So that doesn’t bother me when I’m watching the Steelers.

The Steelers are a good football team that’s built for winning.

The Steelers are among the most consistent teams in the NFL.

They win games at a consistent pace and their defense is one of the league’s best.

But they have also made mistakes, and some of those mistakes cost them a few games.

Here are three of those biggest mistakes.1.

A missed field goalThe Steelers were able to take advantage of an early 3-0 lead against the Dallas Cowboys.

It seemed like a good opportunity for a field goal to give them a lead and send the game into overtime.

Instead, the Steelers missed a field goals attempt on a fake punt.

The play would have given the Steelers a first down, and they would have scored.

Instead of a field touchdown, the Packers were able avenge their first loss by scoring a touchdown in the second quarter.

In a wild card game against the Buffalo Bills, the Patriots scored a touchdown on a field-goal attempt.

This led to a dramatic finish, which ultimately helped the Steelers win their fourth straight game.2.

An incomplete passThe Steelers defense was supposed to play a strong game against quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

They got off to a good start, with a sack on his first drive.

They were finally able to get pressure on Roethlsberger on a couple of plays, but Roethlisberger threw an interception on third down that would have been the game-winner.

The Texans picked up a huge first down and scored a field yard.

That set up a Steelers field goal.

But the Steelers were unable to make it back to the 20-yard line, and Roethlusberger would go on to score on a 24-yard field goal with 8:25 left in regulation.

Instead they got their revenge on the Patriots, who scored on a 5-yard pass from Brady to Dont’a Hightower in overtime.

The game was tied in regulation, and the Steelers went ahead on a third down.

But on the next play, the ball was picked off and the Patriots gained a first-and-goal from the 3.

This would be a huge mistake for the Steelers, as Brady threw an incomplete pass.

The Patriots scored on their next possession, and Pittsburgh was able to tie the game.

The ball was snapped, and Brady was intercepted by the Patriots’ Chandler Jones on the ensuing kickoff return.

That would have ended the game, and it would have put the Steelers in position to make a run to win it.

But the Steelers did not lose, and would go winless in their last seven games.3.

An inaccurate playThe Steelers’ defense was able get off to another solid start against the Minnesota Vikings.

The defense held the Vikings to just 13 points, and did a good job of keeping the Vikings off the scoreboard.

But that’s not enough.

They would go into halftime down 21-0, and were able add another score when a missed field-tackling penalty on the Vikings’ first offensive play allowed a safety to open up the play.

Instead the Steelers defense would give up another touchdown on the very next play.

On the next drive, they were able score on an 11-yard punt return.

This gave them the lead again, and on their first drive of the second half, the team added another touchdown to win the game by a score of 30-17.

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