5 things to know about the Trump administration’s effort to remove people from the United States


The United States has removed more than 10,000 people from its southern border since President Donald Trump took office, the latest sign of the president’s push to keep Americans from leaving their home countries.

On Friday, the administration announced it had taken away about 7,600 people from countries around the world.

The new measures represent a big reversal from President Trump’s previous rhetoric about moving people from their home nations.

In January, he tweeted: “I have made it very clear to all countries of the world that the United the People is a Nation of Immigrants.”

Trump said in February that he would end immigration from countries with terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

He said he would not impose a travel ban on citizens of six countries with high levels of terror activity.

On Thursday, Trump said his administration was making progress on several issues, including a plan to end the ban on legal immigrants from certain countries, such as Iraq and Syria, as well as a ban on refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Trump said the two-year pause would end if he receives congressional approval.

In his tweet, Trump also said he had instructed Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to move his administration to take action against visa overstayers, people who are in the country illegally and visa overdoublers.

The announcement Friday also included new efforts to restrict immigration to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.

In March, Trump ordered a halt to immigration to several countries with large populations of people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia and Sudan, saying they pose a danger to the U.S.

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