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JOSH BIRMINGHAM/Getty ImagesOne of the most beloved characters in the Disney animated films is not the famous penguin named Buzz Lightyear but rather, his younger brother, Buzz.

Buzz’s role in the films began as a sidekick, but has now taken on a life of its own. 

The movie is also known for the adorable Buzz Lightyears, who are able to travel on a train and are also able to interact with the cast of characters. 

One of their most memorable scenes is when the brothers go on a journey to find the legendary Sleeping Beauty Castle in search of their mother, who had gone missing.

Buzz Lightyear is also the mascot for Disney, as well as the first character to have his own ride in Disneyland Park.

The ride is called Buzz Lighty’s Adventures and is a 2-mile long ride that has a lot of personality.

The ride includes a boat ride and a water ride. 

Disney recently announced that it will be launching a Buzz Light-themed park in the San Diego area. 

It is also one of the largest parks in the United States. 

Buzz Lighty is a main character in the film Brave, but he is not in the movie. 

However, in Brave 2, he becomes a major character and becomes a key part of the plot of the film.

While he is no longer in the Brave films, he still retains the role of supporting character.

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