The world’s first MP4 player that can compress the file size to fit in a smartphone

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An MP4-based smartphone can play files from your phone’s internal memory as large as 12GB and still be playable on a smartphone, according to research from the University of Technology Sydney.

Key points:Researchers say the research shows how the future of file sharing could lookThe research suggests mobile apps could offer file sharing capabilities like Facebook’s sharing apps and WhatsApp’s video-sharing capabilities”This study shows that it’s feasible to deliver a smartphone with a file-sharing feature to the user,” Professor Mark Slevin said.

“We’ve seen this before with the iPhone 5s, and we’ve seen it with the Samsung Galaxy S5.”

There’s still a lot of work to do before we can do it with a smartphone.

“However, this is the first time that we’ve actually been able to do it on a phone.”

Dr Slevins said the MP4 compression feature on the new device was an “exciting” development and the researchers hoped that it would eventually help mobile apps “to take advantage of the capabilities of smartphones”.

The new device uses a proprietary technology called MPEG-4 AVC.”MP4 is a very powerful video codec,” Professor Sleven said.

“It allows us to store lots of video data at once, so we can get a very good picture of what’s going on on the screen.”

He said the new MP4 device was capable of recording video files of up to 1,000MB.

“When you’re talking about this kind of compressed video, it’s not that big of a deal, it will just take up space in the phone,” he said.”[It] doesn’t take up much space on the device because it’s just using a lot less memory than you would normally have on a device.”

The important thing to realise is that it takes up a lot more space because of all the extra processing that is going on in the codec.

“That means it has a lower bandwidth and a lower bit rate than the regular video format, which means that we can actually do more of the video on the phone than we could on a regular smartphone.”

The research also revealed the researchers could compress up to 40GB of video files into a small SD card.

“These types of data are much more accessible on the mobile phone, and they’re very easy to read, and it’s much easier to read than a big hard drive,” Professor Steve Jones, who led the research, said.

Professor Jones said the next step was to develop software that would enable file sharing.

“It’s an interesting research area because it gives us a way to try to make video files on the phones that we’d normally use,” he added.

“What we’ve shown so far is that you can actually take a video file and compress it into a few megabytes, and that’s enough for one application.”


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