Sonos to move review of move to UK


Sonos is looking to move its headquarters in the UK and move in Spanish review of its move to the UK, a source told ESPN.

Sonos CEO Marc Benioff told the Wall Street Journal that the move was expected.

Sonostatic Labs has been in the United Kingdom since the mid-1980s and currently operates out of the Covent Garden Hotel.

Beniof said in a statement that the company will continue to focus on growing the global company and investing in new technologies and new ways of working.

The Sonos Group, which includes Sonos, Beats Electronics, Amazon and Beats Music, is based in San Francisco.

Sono is not the only music player that has been looking to leave the United States.

Sony has also said it is moving its headquarters out of New York.

Sonobox, the audio device maker, is also reportedly considering moving its global headquarters from California to Mexico, and a similar move is in the works by Amazon, which is looking at a similar change.

move in spanish move over law sonos move review

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