Teen cheerleader poses for camera with arms outstretched


Teen cheerleaders have posed for a photo with their arms out to the camera. 

“I’m here to help you make the biggest smile of your life!” a cheerleader, in a photo shared by the Huffington Post, gives her students. 

According to the Huffington Post the photo has since been shared more than 2 million times. 

The cheerleaders are part of a team from the New Jersey Cougar Club, who are partaking in their first ever National Student Achievement Championship. 

Students who were eligible for the National Student Success Center Scholarship will be able to participate in the National School Performance Competition, which is scheduled to take place in New Jersey in March 2019. 

More from Huffington Post:  The New Jersey Cougar Club cheerleaders won’t be the only ones in the spotlight during this year’s National School Success Championship.

Students from all over the country are competing for the title. Read more 

cheerleading moves

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