Apple’s iOS 10 update adds more native video support


Apple’s latest iOS 10 software update adds support for native video playback on iOS devices, bringing support for video on demand on Apple TV and Apple TV accessories.

This comes as Apple has been aggressively pushing its own video content on the Apple TV platform in recent months, including its own live TV series, movies and television series that are now available to stream on the platform.

It’s unclear whether Apple TV owners will be able to access native video content, as the update will only work on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple has been pushing its video content in recent weeks, with the latest updates adding support for Apple TV on both the Apple Watch and Apple TVs running iOS 10.

While Apple TV users won’t be able for the time being to access video on its own, there’s still plenty of room for developers to add new features to Apple TV in the future.iOS 10 also adds support to the Apple Music Music app for streaming music from Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube, as well as video on the web.

The updates will also add support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus models to Apple’s Apple TV software, along with new camera support for the Apple Cinema Camera.

The updates will come to other Apple TV models soon, including the Apple HomePod.

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