Samsung Gear VR headset gets a price drop


Samsung is introducing a new smartwatch band.

The Gear VR comes in a limited edition with a new metal band, a new design and a price tag of $399.

This is the Gear VR band Samsung is launching today.

This band will be available on starting today, September 9, and will be made available at retailers starting on September 15.

The new band is a smaller version of the band Samsung released a few months ago with a gold-colored finish.

The gold color is reminiscent of the Gear’s metal band.

Samsung says this new band will allow the wearer to wear the Gear while keeping the watch’s battery charge in mind.

Samsung is using the gold band to differentiate it from the silver and blue bands Samsung is currently releasing.

The company also said this new watch band will feature a new display on the back of the watch, which is slightly curved to allow for easier access to the face buttons and the sleep and power buttons.

The band also has a new band mount that Samsung says makes it easier for people to wear with straps.

Samsung has been showing off a lot of new Gear VR accessories in recent months, including the new Gear Fit smartwatch, Gear VR camera, Gear Link headset, Gear Live speaker, Gear smartwatch and more.

These new bands also look very different than the current bands.

For now, Samsung is showing off two different bands, with the new gold band and silver band.

In addition, Samsung said that this band will come in two sizes: Large and Medium.

Both of these bands are the same price, but the Medium band is $79 and the Large band is now $199.

The price difference is due to the larger band size.

The sizes are only available for now, and Samsung is not offering more sizes yet.

Samsung said this band is compatible with the Gear 360, Gear 360 Plus and Gear 360.

The only other difference between the two bands is the metal finish, which Samsung says is a better look than the silver finish on previous bands.

The metal finish is a much better color and is a bit more transparent, according to Samsung.

It also helps that the band can be worn with gloves or without.

The silver band is also a bit different than last year’s metal one, and it is $149 now.

It is not currently available at

It will be up for pre-order until September 15 and will arrive in stores on September 16.

Samsung Gear 360 The Gear 360 is Samsung’s first smartwatch that has been designed specifically for the Gear platform.

This smartwatch has been a key feature for Samsung since it launched its first Gear smartwatches with the Galaxy Note 7.

It features an OLED display, an AMOLED display with a 2,600×1,440 resolution and can be used for viewing photos, music, games and other apps.

This watch is also compatible with both the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear Link smartwares.

Samsung announced that it is making the Gear Live Speaker accessory available at launch for $39.

The headset works with both Android and iOS devices and is compatible on all Android smartwands.

Gear Link The Gear Link is Samsungs first VR headset.

It was originally designed to be a standalone device but was eventually ported to the GearVR platform.

GearLink is also available for preorder, and comes in three colors: a dark blue, a light blue and a pink.

It has a 4,000mAh battery, and is also able to be worn on the head.

Samsung does not currently offer the Gear Link on its website.

Samsung’s Gear VR goggles will be compatible with any smartwatch with the right software.

Samsung also said that GearLink will be the first smartband that will offer Bluetooth connectivity and be able to display maps and other information on a phone’s screen.

The hardware features are all designed to work with the newest Gear VR headsets.

Samsung did not release a pricing information on this new smartband, but Gear VR is the first wearable device to support Gear VR in a major way.

Gear Fit The Gear Fit is the next smartwatch Samsung is planning to release.

It’s currently a Kickstarter-funded project, but it has already raised $4.4 million.

The device uses an OLED touchscreen display and has a battery capacity of 6,500mAh.

GearFit has a 5-inch display and a 6.4-inch touchscreen, which are also compatible on iOS and Android.

Gear VR has already been approved for use with Samsung Gear smartphones, and Gear Fit will be able be used with any Android device.

Samsung isn’t currently selling Gear Fit or Gear VR at retailers, but you can preorder it for $399 right now.

Gear Live The Gear Live is a new speaker with built-in wireless headphones.

It can also be used as a standalone VR headset, though it is not compatible with Samsung’s current Gear smartwalks.

GearVR is the second smartband to support VR, after Gear Fit.

GearWatch The GearWatch is Samsung Gear

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