‘Witchcraft’ director discusses the upcoming film, ‘Moves’ and more


Movida’s Wanda Mascarenhas said that he was excited to see the film “with all of its complexity and its depth” but that “I also feel very nervous.”

The filmmaker, who recently co-wrote and produced the feature film, said that his aim is to “take on the themes of magic and witchcraft and the magic of the past.”

The director shared that he wanted to “move away from the idea of a simple fairy tale,” but said that “we will find a way to do so.”

He added that the film will feature an “unprecedented” cast of actors.

“We are so excited about it,” he said.

“This is going to be one of the most exciting, complex and ambitious films we’ve ever made.

We’re really excited about what’s going to happen and I can’t wait for the fans.”

He also said that the “tactical and emotional” plot of the film is “unexpected” for the director.

“I think this will be the first film of its kind and it’s going the way of the magician,” he added.

“There are so many wonderful stories of magic that we will have to find a place in the narrative.

This is going on in the past and it will take place in a world that is quite different from the world we live in today.

This world is a little bit more difficult to deal with.”

Wanda recently signed a multi-picture deal with Disney that includes “WitchCraft,” “Witches” and “The Witch,” which will begin production this fall.

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