How to move mountains on your mobile device


You can now use GIFs in a number of places, including online.

And they’re easy to use, too.

Here are five things you can do with GIFs: Read more1.

Use the “Share” icon to share images with your friends.

GIFs are widely used in social media, with users sharing and liking each other’s work.

Share an image from the “share” button with a friend using the “+” button, and they’ll get the GIF from your friend’s account.

If the gif is of a photo or video, it’ll appear on their timeline.2.

Share videos from the internet to friends.

If you’re sharing a video, and you don’t want your friend to miss a moment, share it to Facebook and use the “Edit” button to delete it.

Then, share the video to Instagram or Twitter, and make sure to share it from the original Facebook user’s account as well.3.

Send your friends GIFs to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or another social network.

You can use the Facebook “share this” button or the Instagram “share to Facebook” button.4.

Add your friend a gif that you made.

Add a gif to a photo you’ve shared with them or a video you’ve recorded with them, and then share it with the person you want to share the gif with.

You’ll see a gif in the friend’s timeline, so they can see it instantly.5.

Share gifs from your friends on your desktop or mobile.

You won’t need to wait for the gif to load before sharing it to your friends, either.

The gif will load on your device immediately.

You could also share it through your phone or a connected TV.

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