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It’s time to move your tutor platinum.

The free, online tutor services that are available at the top end of the NCAA hockey rankings will allow you to move the former star of the Syracuse Crunch to the front of your NBA free agent shopping list.

The top-rated tutor on our list, Anthony DiGiacomo, is the latest in a long line of college hockey graduates to move up the rankings.

DiGibson’s career went from being a first-round draft pick of the Minnesota Wild to being an All-Star in the league.

He was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs and spent the next two seasons with the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs, helping the club to an AHL Calder Cup championship.

He returned to the Flyers in 2018, and after a two-year stint with the Calgary Flames, he was acquired by the Pittsburgh Penguins as part of a three-team deal.

DiNucci’s tenure with the Penguins was cut short due to injuries, but he spent the past two seasons in Pittsburgh, helping his club to two Stanley Cup championships.

DiGiacomo’s best season came in 2018-19, when he was the league’s leading scorer with a career-best 22 goals.

He led the league with 36 assists, a franchise record.

His season was cut shortened with a concussion, but DiNuccos play and play continued to improve, helping Pittsburgh win the Stanley Cup in 2020.

The Penguins have the best record in the NHL right now.

DiDi is one of the top free agent hires in the NCAA, and the Penguins are the only team with DiNuComs number one free agent.

The Philadelphia Flyers are looking to build a franchise in Philadelphia.

After winning the Stanley War Memorial Cup in 2017, the Flyers have been building for years, hiring coaches from across the globe to run their top minor league programs.

While DiNiu is one the most recognizable names on the list, there are other college players who are making big splash moves that could help the Flyers to success.

Here are some names you may not have heard of yet.

Dylan Larkin Dylan Larkins name has made a name for himself in the college ranks.

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound forward has earned plenty of accolades over his career, including a spot on the 2018 All-American team.

Larkin was a top-20 draft pick for the Minnesota Twins in 2015, and was a third-round pick by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2016.

He played four seasons with Chicago, but was released after his third year.

The Flames signed Larkin to a two year contract, and he spent most of the last two seasons as the team’s top offensive option.

Larkin is coming off his best season as a pro, recording 54 goals and 105 assists for a total of 558 points in 623 games played.

He will be a key part of the Philadelphia Flyers’ attack next season, as they look to contend for a playoff spot.

Dylan Strome Dylan Stroms name has garnered some attention, but his NHL career is more than just a footnote.

The 5-foot, 160-pound left wing has been in the news for his role on the Montreal Canadiens, where he spent his first three seasons with a .925 save percentage and a career high 15 goals.

Stromses play has been a bit less impressive over the last few seasons, but that hasn’t slowed him down.

He is still one of Canada’s best players and could be the reason the Montreal club will be in contention next season.

Strome is coming back from knee surgery and will be expected to contribute to the team in 2018.

While he hasn’t posted great numbers, his play in the AHL is good enough to merit a look at.

Strobel was selected with the fifth overall pick of last year’s NHL draft, and is coming out of junior with a resume that includes six points in 19 games.

Stroumes playing time is likely to be limited in 2018 as he recovers from knee surgeries.

But the 20-year-old could become a key cog in the Montreal organization next season as he continues to develop his game.

Dylan Vermeulen Vermeuls name has received a lot of attention as the next big thing on the college hockey scene.

The 21-year old defenseman from Switzerland is coming into his own as a professional, and will likely be a major piece for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018 following his breakout season in 2018 with the Boston Bruins.

Vermeuuls is coming from a team that was a playoff team last season, and could help Philadelphia’s cause for a spot in the Stanley Championship Series.

Vermes scoring numbers fell off in the latter half of the season, but the 19-year year old is showing flashes of his skills, and can contribute in the defensive zone.

Vermerulen was the team captain in 2018 and is in line to make a big impact next season with the Flyers.

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