How to listen to Amazon move and move to listen


ESPN’s new podcast, AMAZON MOVES, will launch Wednesday. 

The podcast, a podcast from ESPN and SiriusXM, will cover the latest news and analysis on Amazon, the internet’s largest retailer. 

Amazon, which is one of the biggest retailers in the world, has long struggled to find a way to keep its podcasts fresh and interesting, but this week it opened a podcast studio and is bringing in some of its best writers and producers to create new content. 

It’s a new approach to podcasting for ESPN and ESPN Radio, which are known for running short, uneventful shows that have historically been filled with noise and pop culture references.

ESPN is also looking at how it can create new podcasts for a global audience that doesn’t necessarily watch the network but will find a lot of its shows on its website.

ESPN’s move to an online streaming service will be interesting for the company, which has struggled to get listeners to pay for a podcast subscription. 

ESPN Radio and already offer podcasts for free, and the podcast network has long been known for its long-running podcasts from the late ’90s through to the current day. 

Currently, ESPN’s podcast lineup is mostly centered around sports and entertainment, with shows from around the world. 

This new podcasting is going to be interesting to see how it plays, because ESPN’s brand is tied to sports and has been for a long time, so it’s going to make sense for the brand to continue to have a presence on the podcast platform. 

What do you think of Amazon moving to podcast and moving to listen?

Share your thoughts below.

amazon move listen and move

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