The 10 best movies to live-stream online with Spotify


There’s a reason that Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon all have streaming services that include a few streaming stars.

Those streaming services are all dedicated to providing a great viewing experience for the masses.

But some stars are more famous than others.

Here are 10 movies you may not be able to find on streaming services.


The Hangover Part III, directed by Brad Pitt (2011) It’s hard to argue with this title.

The movie tells the story of an FBI agent who has to deal with a woman who can’t control her uncontrollable drinking.

That’s not an easy task.

In this version of the movie, Brad Pitt stars.

It’s worth noting that in real life, Pitt is not actually a fan of alcohol.

He’s not a fan at all of binge drinking.

Pitt’s performance in the film is a lot more entertaining than the one we’re accustomed to seeing.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, directed and co-written by Suzanne Collins (2010) The Hunger Girls franchise has always been about the “good girl” who has a hard time making friends and trying to make a living.

But The Hunger Girl films are usually more about the struggles of the less-good girls.

So it makes sense that The Hunger Gangs movie was directed by Suzanne Moore, a movie that celebrates the “less-good girl.”

In the film, the “not-good” girl struggles with her weight and self-esteem, and her relationship with her parents is rocky.

It also takes a few of the other popular movies to really get into the gritty elements of the story.

It should come as no surprise that Suzanne Collins is one of the most successful film directors of all time.


The Big Short, directed Andrew Stanton (2012) Andrew Stanton is one half of the writing duo of the Oscar-winning film, The Big Easy.

Stanton is the creator and star of the award-winning comedy series The Office.

He also wrote and directed The Big Lebowski, and is the co-creator of the hit NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation.

Stanton was one of five writers on The Big Bang Theory.


The Muppets: The Musical, directed Tony Scott (1998) It was a long time coming for The Muppet Show, but the movie was finally released in March.

In addition to The Mugs, The Mound of Fun, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and the musical The Mule, the Muppet Company also released a Broadway show, The Musical.

The Broadway show starred Muppeteer Michael Bublé as Bublé, and was based on a song by Muppet legend Phil Hartman.


Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, directed Mark Hamill (2012).

Star Wars is a massive franchise that has been in development for over 50 years.

The film series is a fan favorite and is one that many fans of the Star Wars universe want to see return to the big screen.

But with Disney and Lucasfilm planning to make another Star Wars movie, many fans have been concerned about how the franchise will be portrayed in the upcoming film.

That concerns fans of Star Wars, especially since the series has already received some criticism for how it is depicted in the movie.

However, if you are a Star Wars fan, it’s important to remember that there are people out there who are really, really passionate about the franchise.

They want to make it right.

So, you can be absolutely sure that the actors in the next Star Wars film will be 100% committed to making sure that this movie is a good movie.


The Martian, directed Matt Damon (2013) Matt Damon has been one of Hollywood’s most vocal advocates for climate change and its effects on the planet.

After a number of movies and TV shows have explored these issues, Damon’s latest movie, The Martian , is perhaps the most ambitious documentary ever made.

It was directed and written by Damon and stars Damon and Tilda Swinton.

While there is no direct correlation between the movie and the film series, it is interesting that Damon is also one of those who are committed to the issue of climate change.

This movie, as well as many others, is being produced with support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is the same group that gave $5 million to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in 2014.


The Book of Mormon, directed Bryan Singer (2012, 2017) Bryan Singer is known for writing movies like The Hunger King and A Walk Among the Tombstones.

But this movie was one that Singer had always wanted to make.

It took him years to get his first script in place.

In fact, Singer was working on the script for The Martian and The Hunger Kings when he died.


The Matrix, directed David Lynch (1984) David Lynch has been a producer

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