We’re developing the first self-driving car in two years


A team of engineers and designers is building the first autonomous car for the road that is driven by a human driver.

They’ve built a prototype that is powered by a supercomputer called the Neuralink and has the capability of moving the vehicle autonomously, making it the first such vehicle to be developed by two people working on the same project.

The researchers are building a self-drive vehicle, or SDR, that could be used in the future for road use, but is only being tested in the laboratory.

The vehicle will only be able to operate in traffic, in areas where human drivers are prohibited.

The team has been working on this project for the last six months, and says they’ve developed a number of technologies that they say could eventually make autonomous driving an increasingly common practice.

They say they’ve already begun working on their next stage of development, which they will unveil in the coming months.

The first stage of this development will involve the development of a system that will use the computer’s ability to control the vehicle to determine where it should go.

When a vehicle passes a traffic light, for example, it will turn off the road and drive straight ahead.

When the same signal is given to the vehicle in front, the car will steer to the right, avoiding pedestrians, cars and other vehicles.

The system will then take this knowledge and apply it to the road ahead of it.

It will also know what speed to go at in order to slow down before hitting another traffic light.

The next stage will involve a computer system that takes the information and uses it to steer the vehicle towards the intended location.

“When the signal is shown in the car’s dashboard, it tells the computer how to drive in the lane it wants, and how to adjust its speed to avoid other cars,” says senior scientist at the team, Alex Dickson.

“That computer will also decide what to do with the vehicle when it’s too late to avoid it.”

Once the system has figured out what to steer to, it uses a combination of data from the system’s sensors and algorithms to decide where the car should go, the researchers said.

The car will then stop and a human pilot will step in to take control.

The aim is to develop the SDR system in a similar way to autonomous driving.

“This is an example of an approach that can help us create a vehicle that is autonomous and that has an open platform, says lead researcher at the Centre for Intelligent Driving at Imperial College London, Mark Hausmann.

The technology has already been tested on real roads, and could help the car reach its goal of being able to drive on roads at least as smooth as a normal human driver, he said.

If the team’s progress is successful, it could make autonomous vehicles an increasingly frequent part of the driving experience.

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