US to open new border crossing with Mexico: Customs and Border Protection


US President Donald Trump will announce a new border wall in Texas, his administration announced Thursday.

The announcement comes amid a surge of border violence at the border with Mexico.

The wall would have a height of 12 feet and a span of about 8 feet, Customs and Bureau of Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske said in a statement.

The president will sign the order after visiting the border in Houston on Thursday.

The announcement was made just a day after the president visited San Diego and San Francisco.

Kerlikowski said the border wall is designed to stop illegal immigration and protect Americans.

He said it will be built to be safe, secure and operational, without impacting the number of people traveling through the border.

The wall will be constructed of concrete, steel and plastic, with a steel bar to prevent unauthorized entry and entry of people using a U.S.-made fence.

He also said the fence will not be built in a manner that would endanger human life.

The White House said the president will also announce plans to expand the Border Patrol and hire 50,000 new agents.

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