How to use the blender move tool to change the appearance of your photos


A new version of the blender tool for images has been released, letting you alter the appearance and behavior of your images. 

Binary move is a tool that helps you apply image transformations to images, similar to Adobe Photoshop, and allows you to apply transformations to objects and even the color of an object’s pixels. 

In order to use binary move you need to download the latest version of blender, which can be downloaded here.

The program, however, does not support changing the color or opacity of images, so the most common use case is applying some image editing effects to images.

Here’s how you can use the program to make your images more realistic.

You can find binary move’s creator on Twitter, where he often posts videos about the program and other interesting things he’s created. 

You can also see a screenshot of the new version below.

If you want to try binary move for yourself, here are some useful links: Bits & Pieces  Binaries  Blender and Blender Move

blender move camera

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