Why Argentina needs a ‘good deal’ for its football players


The Argentine national team is in the midst of a summer of uncertainty and tension, as the governing body struggles to secure a good deal for its top players.

But there are some encouraging signs in the team’s training camp.

“We’ve been working hard, training hard,” striker and captain Marcelo has said of his team’s recent progress.

The Argentine has said the team has been in good shape since their first match in September.

“It’s not just the first game, it’s the whole camp, the whole training and the whole competition,” he added.

He’s been playing with his left foot.

“There are no problems,” he said.

“The problem is that there is no rest.

And that’s the most important thing.”

He says that while the team is “still a long way away” from playing in the World Cup, it has a lot to prove.

“If we’re good, we’re going to win the World Championship,” he says.

And the best way to win it is by playing like it.

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