When You Want To Move To Brazil’s ‘Most Dangerous Place’ (And You’re Not Here)


On this week’s episode of the Movado podcast, we hear from a bunch of people who want to move to Brazil.

Our guest is a former New Yorker who’s been here for three years, but still thinks she’s on the cusp of becoming a real American.

She talks to us about the people and places she’s moved to, what’s on her bucket list, and what she’s learned about how people actually behave in this country.

We also hear from some of the people who’ve been in and out of Brazil for a decade.

We talk about how to find an apartment, how to live off the grid, how much a city can cost, how long a stay will last, and how much you can expect to pay in taxes.

And, finally, we get to hear from the people whose lives are being changed by the introduction of a new program: MOVADA.

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