What if Israel’s right-wing PMs are wrong?

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Posted June 24, 2018 05:29:17Israel’s right wing is heading towards a fourth term, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing accusations that he has become a prime minister who is not the same leader as the previous one.

The prime minister has been accused of being too close to US President Donald Trump, while he is widely viewed as having lost the trust of Palestinians.

In recent weeks, the prime minister’s popularity has plummeted in the eyes of Palestinians and other Palestinians, who fear he is trying to take over their future and turn them into a political party.

On Friday, the Israeli public will have a chance to cast their vote on a question on Netanyahu’s future as prime minister.

The country’s national security cabinet will meet next Wednesday to discuss the next step in Netanyahu’s leadership, a move that could lead to a fourth and final term.

The next question on the agenda is whether Netanyahu should resign.

A spokesman for Netanyahu said the prime minster had no plans to resign.

“There are a number of issues on which the prime ministership can be resolved, including security, foreign policy and economic relations,” the spokesman said.

Netanyahu, 67, has ruled Israel for 25 years and is a veteran politician who has served as the prime and speaker of Israel’s parliament since 2005.

His supporters have said that his popularity has fallen sharply since he was elected prime minister in 2015.

Many Palestinians, too, have seen their support for him slide in recent years.

Palestinian leaders have also questioned Netanyahu’s handling of the Gaza conflict, saying he has been too eager to reach out to the United States and Israel’s southern neighbor, which they accuse of fuelling the conflict.

Palestinians are angry that he did not address the growing wave of violence during the summer and fall of 2016 in which Israel killed hundreds of Palestinians, including dozens of children.

The current wave of killings, carried out by Palestinian militants, is also blamed for fueling tensions with Israel, which has accused Hamas, a group it considers a terrorist organization, of carrying it out.

Israel blames Hamas for many of the Palestinian attacks and for stoking violence.

Hamas has denied that it carried out the recent attacks.

The Palestinian Authority has said the militants are responsible.

Israel has also been accused by the United Nations of killing Palestinian children in a series of raids that are widely viewed by Palestinians as an attempt to force Palestinians into a state of exile.

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