How to fix your mouse mappings in Windows 10 Mobile apps


Windows 10, the latest version of Windows, has been known for making a huge leap in the graphics performance department, but the real breakthrough has been the speed of your mouse cursor.

With Windows 10 Insider Preview 3, Microsoft is finally introducing the ability to instantly speed up mouse pointer performance in mobile apps.

As we detailed last week, the new mouse speed improvements are enabled by default in all of the latest versions of Windows 10 and the Windows 10 Creators Update.

While it’s still not a huge overhaul, the ability is a welcome addition to mobile app developers who have been working hard on implementing mouse speed.

Here are the best apps to enable mouse speed in your apps to make the most of the mouse speed changes.


Cortana and Microsoft OneNote 2.

Cortana, Microsoft OneBook, and other Microsoft apps with mouse speed 2.

Windows 10 desktop app with mouse performance improvements 3.

Cortana 3D Touch on the Xbox One S and Surface Pro 4.

Windows Ink and Microsoft Office for Windows 10 5.

Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10 6.

Microsoft Teams for Windows, Bing, and Office 365 7.

The new Bing Maps for Windows and Bing Maps Pro on Windows 8.1 8.

Microsoft Skype for Business Pro on Android and iOS 9.

Windows Defender on Windows Phone 10.

Google Play Movies for Windows 11.

Windows Phone on Mac 10.

Windows Store apps like Windows Ink on macOS 10.

Office apps like Word and Excel 10.

Microsoft Edge on Windows and Chrome 11.

Office 365 on Windows Server 2019.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows Server 2020.

Microsoft Word for Windows 7 and 2016 10.

SkyDrive for Windows 8 11.

Skype for Mac 12.

Xbox One game console with gamepad and wireless controller 13.

The official Microsoft Insider Program and Insider Program for Windows Insider Preview 4 14.

Windows Insider Program Insider Previews 15.

Windows Update on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 16.

The Official Xbox One X (model TBD) on Xbox One and Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 17.

Microsoft Xbox One controller and Xbox Wireless Controller 18.

Xbox Fitness and Xbox Fitness Pro 19.

Xbox Music on Xbox Music and Windows 10 20.

Xbox and Xbox Live on Windows 20 21.

Xbox Live for Windows 23.

Xbox SmartGlass on Xbox and the Xbox app 22.

Xbox Dashboard on Xbox 24.

Xbox Hub and Xbox Hub Hub app 25.

Microsoft Games with Gold and Gold Passholder on Xbox Live 26.

Xbox LIVE Games with GOLD on Xbox Marketplace 27.

Xbox Store and Xbox Marketplace app 28.

Microsoft Store and Microsoft Store app 29.

Bing Maps on Bing Maps and Bing Map Pro 30.

The Bing Maps app for Android and Apple devices 31.

Cortana on the Windows Phone Store 32.

Bing and Bing for Windows 33.

Bing Music on Microsoft Music app 34.

Microsoft Music on Spotify 35.

The Microsoft Music Store app for Windows PC 36.

The Music Store on Google Play 37.

Xbox Newsstand on Xbox 360 38.

Xbox 360 Games with gold 39.

The Xbox News Stand app for iOS 40.

Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Gaming Pass 41.

Xbox Games on Steam 42.

The Game Pass app for PC 43.

Xbox Apps on the Microsoft Store 44.

Windows App Store on Windows phones 45.

Xbox Marketplace for Windows PCs 46.

Microsoft Apps on Xbox app for mobile 47.

Xbox Sports and Xbox Sports Pass app on Xbox Games with Games with Premium 48.

Microsoft Play on Xbox 50.

Windows Movies app on the PC 51.

Xbox Movies app for the PC 52.

Xbox TV app on Windows PCs 53.

Xbox Cinema on Windows TVs 54.

Xbox Video app on Android devices 55.

Xbox Media Center app on Apple devices 56.

Xbox Wireless App on Windows Mobile 57.

Xbox Weather app on Google Apps 58.

Microsoft Movies on the Mac 59.

Microsoft Sports on the Apple Watch 60.

Xbox Tunes on the iPhone 61.

Xbox Movie Pass on Windows devices 62.

Xbox Connect on Xbox on Xbox LIVE 63.

Xbox My Games on the PlayStation Network 64.

Xbox Photos on the iOS App 65.

Xbox Social Club on Facebook 66.

Xbox Club on YouTube 67.

Xbox Play Anywhere app on iOS 68.

Xbox App on Google Chrome 69.

Xbox Podcasts app on Facebook 70.

Xbox Pass app from Apple 71.

Xbox on Amazon Fire TV 72.

Xbox Mobile App on Amazon Echo 73.

Xbox Now on Apple TV 74.

Xbox Player on Apple iPhone 75.

Xbox Home on the iPad 76.

Xbox Travel app on Amazon Kindle Fire 77.

Xbox Web Store app on Chrome 78.

Xbox app on iPhone 79.

Xbox Xbox App for Windows Phone 80.

Xbox Companion app on Microsoft Xbox on Windows, Xbox, and Xbox One 81.

Xbox game console controller on Xbox 82.

Xbox games with gold 83.

Microsoft Office 365 app on Excel, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business 84.

Microsoft Web Designer app on Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Web App 85.

Microsoft Photos app on Instagram 86.

Xbox for Windows app on Skype 87.

Xbox Entertainment app on PlayStation, Xbox One, and PlayStation Now 88

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