The Lad’s Pokemon Moves


The Lad is a former professional poker player.

In the mid 2000s, he started watching a variety of poker games online, eventually becoming addicted to the online world.

In 2011, the Lad started a poker channel, which is now hosted by him.

This week, he’s taking a look at Pokemon moves, and he explains what he’s learned.

What are Pokemon moves?

In the Pokemon games, Pokemon are the creatures who are summoned by trainers to battle.

Pokemon moves are usually special moves that can only be done in battle, like the Ice Beam and Thunder Punch moves.

You can use these moves to help you out, or to defeat your opponent in the end.

If you don’t use these Pokemon moves frequently, you’ll become weak and you won’t be able to take on powerful Pokemon like Mew.

What does Pokemon mean to you?

When I was a kid, Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood.

I would have my dad play games with me, and I would also play games like Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon, as well as other games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

I remember when I was young, I was really into Pokemon.

When I was at university, I spent many evenings playing games like Pokemon and Super Smash Brothers.

At the end of the day, I still had to spend time in front of the TV, and so it was a big part of what I did when I wasn’t in school.

What made you want to start Pokemon channel?

When Pokemon first came out, I remember it was in the summer of 2010, and it was still in development.

I was like, “Wow, this is going to be awesome!”

I remember seeing the trailer and being like, wow, this game is going so well!

“But I didn’t know much about the game, and also I didn, at that time, have a very high level of gaming experience.

I wasn.

I didn.

So, I started watching the game on Twitch, and one day, one of my friends came over and started talking about the Pokemon channel.

He was playing on a Twitch channel with people like him and me, so it felt really cool to be able talk to him and say, hey, you guys are doing a good job.

So I was very happy when I found out that they were actually making a Pokemon channel, because it was such a great opportunity to get people to watch their games, and to learn more about the games, as they were starting to release Pokemon games on the consoles.

What kind of Pokemon are you playing right now?

I’m playing FireRed and LeafGreen, which I’ve been playing since the Pokémon Red/Green and Pokémon Blue/Yellow games.

I’m also playing Fire/Ground/Steel and Water/Ground.

It’s a very different experience, because FireRed is a very hard game to get good at, but you can get better.

I also play a lot of Pokemon that aren’t on the DS, and that’s very good to learn about, as it’s a lot more challenging.

What’s the biggest challenge of the Pokemon journey?

I’ve got a really big challenge.

You know, when I started the channel, I didn�t know anything about Pokemon, so when I went to the Pokemon store in the States, I just bought a DS and tried to get the Pokemon moves to do.

I started to watch the Pokemon videos, but then I was just really frustrated.

I think that there are a lot things that we need to fix, and there are other things that are really exciting that we haven’t been able to do yet.

Like, there’s so many games that are not released, or that we want to release in the future.

So I think that if we can release a lot, I think it�s going to bring a lot to the table.

What is the best Pokemon game you’ve played?

I have to say that I would say that the best game I have played was FireRed/LeafGreen, as I still remember when it came out.

I played it for the first time with my girlfriend and I was playing the same strategy, so that was really fun.

I liked that it had a lot different elements and gameplay, so I would play it with my buddies.

The other game that I really enjoyed was Super SmashBro, which was a new game that we released.

I like to play that one as much as possible, because I’m so competitive, and we are both very good players.

I love the gameplay in Pokemon.

I think there are so many different types of moves, so you have moves that are super-powerful, moves that heal your Pokemon, and moves that give you more PP.

There are also moves that you can’t do normally in Pokemon, but I think they are really fun and rewarding to learn.

What do you think are the biggest challenges of the game right now, and why are they still difficult to master?

I think the biggest thing is,

mov to mp4 pokemon moves

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