How to use the new version of your Twitter account to make your account appear more professional


A new Twitter version has landed and it might be worth checking out before you start using it.

The new version, which was launched last week, introduces the ability to have multiple profiles.

For example, you can create two profiles that both tweet at the same time.

The company’s announcement on Twitter has also confirmed that this new feature is rolling out to a limited number of accounts.

However, it has yet to confirm the exact number of users who are currently using it, although the company did say it expects to roll out the feature to at least 1.7 million Twitter users over the next few months.

“We’ve made significant progress to build a truly universal Twitter experience for you,” the company wrote.

“As the number of people using our mobile apps continues to grow, we want to make sure that our platform remains the most compelling platform for them to reach their audiences.”

This is just the latest in a string of updates to Twitter over the past year, and it follows the introduction of the social network’s latest update in 2016.

This year, Twitter added a new feature that allows users to mark tweets with the “Share” button, a feature that was designed to let users keep their personal and professional identities separate.

Twitter has also added an option for users to share their tweets with friends via a new button in their profile, which allows users and their friends to link their accounts and share content.

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