Stars do cheerleading moves, cheerleading comes back to CNN


The cheerleading movement is back at CNN.

The network is bringing the cheerleading to the airwaves, bringing in a new cheerleader coach, a cheerleader instructor and a cheerleading instructor-in-residence to help teach cheerleading lessons.CNN said in a statement on Thursday that the new cheerleading coach is Sarah Jones, who has been coaching cheerleading at a local cheerleading club for several years.

She will also work with the company’s senior women’s cheerleading coaches, who will continue to be a part of the company.

The new cheerleaders will be on-air at 8 p.m.


The new cheermaster, who is a former cheerleading champion and current national cheerleader, is Jessica Puckett.

She has worked with CNN for about three years.

The CNN brand, which is based in New York, is also changing.

On Friday, CNN announced that it would be acquiring its brand in the United Kingdom.CNN also announced that two former cheerleaders who worked with the network at the time of the 2013 London Olympics were taking a leave of absence.

The New York Times reported Thursday that Kate Breen and Kate O’Neill will take a leave from CNN to take time off from the network, where they have both worked since the Rio Olympics.

They will not be returning to CNN.

cheerleading moves do stars move

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