How to use Google’s new ‘MOVIE’ search bar for YouTube content


Google’s newly revamped ‘Movies’ search box has some of the most comprehensive, easily navigable video search available. 

The search bar is now more useful than ever, with the ability to easily find and watch videos that match your criteria. 

But it’s not all about what’s new.

The app is still very much in beta, and some features still have to be worked out. 

Google says that it has already found a handful of bugs, and that “many” of the issues have been fixed.

It also says that users who report bugs can contact the team directly.

The new ‘movie’ search will allow you to find and search videos with specific keywords, such as: “Movies” or “Movies and TV” and/or “TV shows.”

You can also search for movies by title, rating, or genre.

You can search by the year or a specific movie title, such that the top result will be the year that it was released. 

“The Movie Search has been a long time coming,” said Google’s head of mobile media, Jodi Zhang. 

There’s a lot of new functionality in the new search bar, though, including an “All Videos” section, which lets you easily filter videos by any keyword. 

If you’re looking for the latest releases of your favorite movies, you can use the search bar to sort them by title or by their release date. 

And the search can now be used to search for videos that are about your area. 

You can search for any keyword, such “movie,” “video,” or “tv show.” 

The new feature is available to all Android users, and it should be rolling out to Chrome and iOS soon.

Google has been working on a new version of the app for a while, but it hasn’t made the public available.

Google has said that the new feature will be rolled out to “millions” of users in the coming weeks.

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