What happens when you have a $5 billion stock market?


When Facebook announced it was buying WhatsApp, the social media giant had just launched a new messaging app called Snapchat, which has the ability to take pictures of users and make them more personal.

It’s the kind of feature WhatsApp could have used to sell itself.

But WhatsApp has always been more of a service than a product.

WhatsApp is a company that has been around since 2014.

Its mission has always included making a better messaging app for people, not a service.

Now, it’s doing just that.

The company is trying to do that by building a new service that will be a part of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has the biggest social graph in the world, with over 1 billion posts on the service.

But it doesn’t do anything other than provide a way for people to share their messages.

WhatsApp also makes its own stickers and a new “friends” section on the app.

So how does WhatsApp get those stickers?

First, WhatsApp has to build its own social graph.

This graph is what the company calls the Messenger Graph, which is what people see on the Messenger app.

The Messenger Graph is a map of all the friends you have, and WhatsApp can then get that information from Messenger.

This is where WhatsApp makes its stickers.

So instead of building a sticker that can be applied to a photo, WhatsApp builds a sticker and applies it to a friend.

WhatsApp then sends that sticker to the friend and has them apply it to their photo.

WhatsApp makes the stickers and sends them to friends.

The stickers are then sent to WhatsApp, where WhatsApp will see what’s in the stickers.

The friends then apply those stickers to their photos.

WhatsApp’s stickers are a very complex piece of software.

It takes a lot of work to get these stickers onto your phone, and it takes a long time to get stickers applied.

But when it does, it makes the app more personal and helpful for the people using it.

WhatsApp says its stickers are useful for a lot more people than just WhatsApp users, and that it’s helping WhatsApp build the kind.

But if WhatsApp really is building its own messaging app, and not just offering a product, the stickers will have to be tweaked.

So what does that mean?

Well, WhatsApp is taking a lot from Snapchat’s stickers.

Snapchat’s sticker application is designed to make it easier for people with low vision to see a friend’s photo.

And if you’re really blind, or have low vision but are trying to remember things, it can be difficult to read.

Snapchat has been making stickers for a long, long time, so there’s no way WhatsApp can compete with Snapchat.

But this new sticker is different.

Instead of making a sticker with a very specific type of text, WhatsApp makes a sticker for all of WhatsApp’s friends.

This means WhatsApp’s sticker has to be much more useful than Snapchat’s.

WhatsApp can’t make stickers for all people at once, because it has to keep a database of what stickers have been applied.

And so WhatsApp has made some changes to its stickers, and will have more stickers applied for people who need them.

So the stickers are more useful for people in India, who are on WhatsApp, and they are even more useful to people in other countries, like China and Brazil.

It means that WhatsApp will have stickers in more languages.

And it means WhatsApp can now make stickers in a way that’s a little easier for others to use.

But there are some changes that WhatsApp is making that will make it harder for its friends in other markets to use the stickers, too.

First, the app will only be available for a limited time.

The sticker application that WhatsApp makes now will only work on a limited number of devices, like the iPhone.

This will make stickers less useful for anyone with low-vision or those who use the app while driving.

Second, WhatsApp will only apply stickers to photos.

The apps stickers will be applied only to people’s photos, which means WhatsApp will need to work harder to get its stickers applied to people.

For example, if you have an iPhone, WhatsApp can make a sticker out of a photo that shows you smiling.

But now you have to send WhatsApp a picture of someone who has a dark shadow on their face.

If WhatsApp can do this, WhatsApp’s application will be much easier for everyone who wants to use it.

Finally, WhatsApp says it will make the stickers more useful by giving them a better shape.

It says this will help it to make stickers more attractive and make it look better on a phone.

So while WhatsApp’s design may not be as good as Snapchat’s, the new stickers will probably be better.

They will be more appealing and more personal for people using WhatsApp, making them more useful.

WhatsApp wants to make its stickers better than Snapchat, too, by making them easier to use and more useful as a part-time feature.

And the stickers that WhatsApp can create will be better, too: they will look a lot better.

WhatsApp will still be able to make the sticker application look ugly, though.

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