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MOVADO, Puerto Rico — You’re probably thinking, What a strange place to be living.

And that’s because Puerto Rico is still reeling from Hurricane Maria.

But for many Puerto Ricans, it feels like a place they’ve lived their whole lives.

“I moved here for a very long time and I was living on a boat,” said Maria del Carmen, a 29-year-old who moved to Puerto Rico in 2016 after being told her visa would expire in December.

Maria has devastated Puerto Rico and the island’s economy, and it’s now hard to get a job because many are stuck in the island without work permits.

As Maria destroyed the island, people fled and the U.S. military declared Puerto Rico a U.N. World Emergency.

The U.K., which had long been Puerto Rico’s biggest trading partner, took the reins and said it would pay a $3 billion loan.

The island is now grappling with the aftermath of the devastation caused by the storm and what to do about its infrastructure, including schools, roads and utilities.

But while Puerto Ricos face a difficult period, others say it’s time for a new generation of Puerto Rican to get moving on the island.

I moved to the United States a couple of years ago, and the first thing I did was start a company called Movado.

I didn’t even know what Movado was.

I just went in there and started it, and I think I did something for a lot of people.

That’s a big thing that I think people are looking at.

Myself and a couple other guys started Movado in 2015 and I’m pretty sure we made $20,000, but I think it was about $300,000.

I think maybe the first $500,000 we made, that was the first one we got.

And then it went up.

That was like the first time.

That helped me in a way that a lot people don’t have.

The people that were affected are people like me, and people that just moved here from the mainland and just don’t know much about the island or the people.

For me, the biggest thing is that I don’t think people know much of Puerto Rico.

I’ve lived here for almost 20 years, and Puerto Ricians are just not used to the fact that they’re in the U, the U of A, and they’re not used by the rest of the world.

They don’t see the island in terms of what it is, but they see Puerto Rico as an island.

So the first couple of months, I think, was a bit of a learning experience for me because they didn’t know about it, but then it was like, OK, this is how it is.

And it just kept getting better and better and worse.

People are so used to seeing the island as an isolated island, that when things were going on in Puerto Rico, people would just go to the U and say, ‘This is what Puerto Rico looks like, this isn’t what Puerto Ricas looks like,’ and that’s really how it was.

People are very familiar with it.

So now I think that’s a really important part of it, I’ve learned a lot from that.

In Puerto Rico we are a very isolated place.

So that’s something that we’re going to have to figure out how to deal with, but for the most part we’ve been really good at understanding that.

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