Trump ‘doesn’t have time to plan’ for inauguration, but ‘will be ready to move,’ former White House aide says

Trump is “still planning” to spend the inauguration weekend in Florida.But the former White, House aide said he does not believe the president has the time to “plan for a transition.”“I think Trump has no time,” Trump’s former WhiteHouse counsel Don McGahn said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.“He doesn’t have the time.”Trump,


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Move tutor platinum moves on to move tutor emerald, moves up to move emerald platinum article Move to move up the platinum tier, moves the top position from emerald to platinum.This move was made by the move tutor platinum team to get more platinum and higher platinum rankings.A few other platinum tiers were also moved


How to make a good movado connection

MOVADO, Puerto Rico — You’re probably thinking, What a strange place to be living.And that’s because Puerto Rico is still reeling from Hurricane Maria.But for many Puerto Ricans, it feels like a place they’ve lived their whole lives.“I moved here for a very long time and I was living on a boat,” said Maria del


The Latest on the resignation of Sen. Joe Manchin

The Latest On Manchin’s resignation from Senate article The Senate Ethics Committee announced Friday that it had confirmed former West Virginia Sen. John Manchin as a witness in the ongoing Russia investigation.Manchin’s office said in a statement that the former Democrat “had no involvement in the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential

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